Serving Companies That Sell To Restaurants


B2B, or Business-to-business (a.k.a. b to b) is a term to describe business transactions between businesses. For example, a retail store that sells clothing will buy those clothes from a clothing distributor, who in turn, buys those clothes from the manufacturer. The manufacturer purchases the materials from various distributors. Those distributors obtain the materials from other manufacturers. These manufacturers get the raw materials from companies that produce or process those raw materials. This is known as the supply chain.

If you are involved in b2b sales or marketing, then you may or may not need a good lead source. If you sell a product or service that you can sell to restaurants, you will definitely want to check out our Restaurant Activity Report. Our Business Lead Generation system provides inside intelligence information about new restaurants opening in your area. With this information, you have the competitive edge to get to your prospects before your competition so you can make more sales.

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