Serving Companies That Sell To Restaurants

Business Sales

By: Tony Jackson

If you are involved in business sales, then you know that the hardest thing about business sales is finding qualified leads. Many organizations still advocate cold calling, but in my humble opionion, this is a colossal waste of your valuable time. After all, you don't get paid to prospect, you get paid to sell.

The business coach who has been the most helpful for me in this regard is a man by the name of Dan Kennedy. Dan Kennedy has written a number of very useful books related to business sales. Perhaps a good starting place for you would be his book entitled,

The Ultimate Marketing Plan.

Other than effective marketing, the most important part of any business sales operation is highly targeted and qualified leads. With our Restaurant Activity Report, we provide you with these kinds of leads. If you can sell your product or service to restaurants, we can tell you about all of the new restaurants opening in your area. With this powerful information, you will have the competitive edge.

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