Serving Companies That Sell To Restaurants

The Power of Good Intelligence

By Tony Jackson


A close friend of mine is an intelligence officer in the U.S. Armed Services. One of his most important jobs has been to go out and look for holes in the security measures that already exist... to look for ways that would make it easier for the enemy to sneak in and cause destruction and havok.

In a way, you also have an enemy, it is not a "life or death" enemy, but it is an enemy to your family's well being. That enemy is your competitor. If your competitor can reach your prospects before you do, they will obviously have the upper hand and advantage against you. The first one to the prospect usually wins.

This is why in selling to restaurants, it is of utmost important that you have good intelligence information about your prospect. The better the intel, the better chance you will have of getting to your prospect before you competition. With the Restaurant Activity Report, we provide you with the kind of intel you need to get the job done... beat your competition to the prospect and make more sales!

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