Serving Companies That Sell To Restaurants

Marketing to Small Businesses

By: Tony Jackson

Marketing to small businesses holds a unique set of challenges. Small business owners are usually working very hard just to make their businesses profitable. Often times, small business owners have a high level of stress and may spend a lot of their time just wondering if they are going to survive.

Instead of simply telling them about how great your products or services are, think about their own pressure points and the pain they are feeling. Then, think about how your product or service will ease that pain. By thinking in this way, you will be far more effective in getting a hearing from a small business owner.

Along with good marketing skills, you also need qualified leads. With our Restaurant Activity Report, we provide excellent leads for new restaurants that are opening in your area. These are some of the best leads, because new restaurant owners are certainly going to buy many products and services in order to open their restaurants.

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