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As if it weren't hard enough, The business of selling to restaurants has gotten more and more difficult in the past decade. In a world of global commerce and lightening fast information, more and more companies are competing for the same few dollars. It might often seem to you like there are 20 sharks swimming in a pool with10 little fish!

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In today's competitive sales environment, you need:

Exclusive Intelligence Information About New Restaurants
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Game Changing Information About New Ownership

The problem is: "Where are you going to find this kind of information? "

Sure, you could call contractors and visit public data centers to dig through and find this information, but how valuable would all of that mundane labor be for you? Your job is to sell, not to get dirty digging up information.

The Restaurant Activity Report is the premiere source for advanced "Intelligence Information" about new restaurants opening in your area. With this report, you will have access to dozens of fresh leads each week.

With these leads, your competition will wonder how in the world you always seem to get there before they do.

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Your data checks out 100% as to the restaurant opening dates, owners names, and phone numbers. You list easily puts me in front of 5-10 good prospects per month. After 13 years in the industry I realize the importance of good well documented leads." Stephen C., North Carolina (Extended Subscriber)


The Restaurant Activity Report is perfect for me. It increases my business substantially every month. I would gladly pay far more for the same report." Mario F., South Florida (Extended Subscriber)

Perhaps the best thing about the Restaurant Activity Report is that we offer you a free, no strings attached, sample (you don't even need to give us your credit card information)!

With the free sample, you can see with your own eyes, how powerful this information will be for your sales success.

The Restaurant Activity Report has two lead systems, depending on your location, and needs.

Restaurant Activity Where You Live
(Unverified Report)

New-business data includes restaurant name, address, and telephone number. Information is based on phone connects, utility hookups, and business licensing.

This Report Is Available in the Following Markets:

AK – Alaska
AL – Alabama
AR – Arkansas
AZ – Arizona
CA-Bay – Bay Area
CA-BV – Bakersfield/Ventura
CA-Central – Central Counties
CA-LA – LA Area
CA-North – Northern California
CA-SD – San Diego/Orange County
CO – Colorado
CT – Connecticut
DE – Delaware
FL-Gulf – Gulf Area
FL-North – Northern Florida
FL-South – Southern Florida
GA – Georgia
HI – Hawaii
IA – Iowa
ID – Idaho
IL-North – Northern Illinois
IL-South – Southern Illinois
IN – Indiana
KS – Kansas
KY – Kentucky
LA – Louisiana
MA – Massachusetts
MD-DC – Maryland & DC
ME – Maine
MI – Michigan
MN – Minnesota
MO – Missouri
MS – Mississippi
MT – Montana
NC-East – Eastern North Carolina
NC-West – Western North Carolina
ND – North Dakota
NE – Nebraska
NH – New Hampshire
NJ – New Jersey
NM – New Mexico
NV – Nevada
NY-Central – Central New York
NY-North – Upstate New York
NY-South – Southern New York
NY-West – Western New York
OH – Ohio
OK – Oklahoma
OR – Oregon
PA-East – Eastern Pennsylvania
PA-West – Western Pennsylvania
RI – Rhode Island
SC – South Carolina
SD – South Dakota
TN – Tennessee
TX-Central – Central Texas
TX-North – Northern Texas
TX-South – Southern Texas
TX-West – Western Texas
UT – Utah
VA – Virginia
VT – Vermont
WA – Washington
WI – Wisconsin
WV – West Virginia
WY – Wyoming

Restaurant Lead Report
(Verified Report)

This high quality report is built one contact at a time by our in house research staff. If you need a report that details new restaurants as early as possible, this is the publication for you. The report is built from data such as developer news, construction activity, corporate headquarter contacts, liquor licensing and much more.

This Report is Available in the Following Markets:

AZ – Arizona
CABAY – California Bay Area
CA-South – Southern California Area
CO – Colorado
FL-Gulf – Gulf Florida Area
FL-North – Northern Florida Area
FL-South – Southern Florida Area
GA – Georgia
IL – Illinois
MD-DC – Maryland/DC
MI – Michigan
NC-East – Eastern North Carolina
NC-West – Western North Carolina
NJ – New Jersey
NV – Nevada
NY-South – Southern New York
PA – Pennsylvania
OH – Ohio
SC – South Carolina
TX-South/Central – South/Central Texas
TX-North – Northern Texas
VA – Virginia

Are the Unverified leads worth your time? Listen to what this sales professional has to say...

"I get at least 10 new qualified leads per month, which translates to better than $20,000 in additional sales, and my close ratio increases by 400%. More importantly, each of my sales reps now have an extra 12 hours per month to sell smarter rather than looking for permits." Sterling B. California (Extended Subscriber)

With these hot leads in your hands, imagine the tremendous benefits:

Get to New Restaurant Owners... With Super Speed!
Close More Sales With Better Intel
Free Up More Time To Do What You Like Best!
Better Quality Leads Means More Money in Your Pocket!

With our FREE sample, you have nothing to lose. You look at the leads and you decide whether or not to continue. No Bait and Switch, no high pressure, just good quality leads.

After you sign up, you will be notified every couple days that new leads are available for your area. These leads will be HOT and you can work them immediately!

So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

Tell us which lead system you want to try.

Restaurant Unverified Activity
(Quality Leads For Where You Live)
Restaurant Lead Report
(Verified Leads For 22 Markets)
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