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Small Business Marketing Ideas

By: Tony Jackson

Here are few little tips about marketing to small businesses.

1. Find out about your prospect's pain. Zig Ziglar used to say... "You can get what you want in life, if you give enough other people what they want." The point is, you should be lest concerned about the features of your product or service and more concerned about the benefits of your product. Your prospective customer doesn't care what you know about your product, until he or she understands, how your product will solve a problem that he has.

2. Be creative. Most small business owners are deluged by junk mail and cold calls every day. One marketing expert I know tells the story of how his current financial planner got him as a customer. He sent him a roll of duck tape message that went something like the following: If you give me a shot as your financial planner, you can bet that I will always stick with you.

3. Give your prospect something free to introduce yourself. Send out a letter to your prospect and promise to give them a free report about your product or service. In the free report, explain the benefits of your product or service, and how it will solve their problem. Have them call in to a voice mail to receive the report and then follow up about a week later with a friendly phone call and attempt to set an appointment. In many of my own testing, I have seen a response to this approach as high as 10%.

Along with good marketing skills, you also need qualified leads. With our Restaurant Activity Report, we provide excellent leads for new restaurants that are opening in your area. These are some of the best leads, because new restaurant owners are certainly going to buy many products and services in order to open their restaurants.

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